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M. M. Gornell

M.M. Gornell's desire is to write novels she would like to read--where through the power of words, a world is created that captures her imagination and lets her suspend disbelief for a few pleasurable hours. Then, when the time comes to say farewell, she closes the book with a smile of satisfaction and a touch of regret that the tale has ended. And if she perchance takes away a couple of philosophical thoughts or questions beyond the story--how wonderful! 

Jackie Houchin

I am a free lance journalist, children's book writer, and book reviewer. I belong to Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and the California Writers Club and write articles for their newsletters. I currently review books for Mystery Scene Magazine.

I also have two blogs: 1) "Here's How It Happened," which is mostly about books and authors, but occasionally includes miscellaneous topics. 2) "Morning Meditations: Beginning the Day in God's Word," in which I write about what I'm learning as I study the Bible each day.

I'm an evangelical Christian and am involved in various elder and children's ministries at my church. I've gone on several short-term mission trips to Africa and hope to go again in 2015.

I enjoy the outdoors (hiking, gardening, swimming at the YMCA, paddle boarding, or just walking at the beach).


Miko Johnston

Miko Johnston first contemplated a writing career as a poet at the age of six. That notion ended four years later when she found no "help wanted" ads for poets in the Sunday New York Times classified section, but her desire to write persisted. After graduating from New York University, she headed west to pursue a career as a television and print journalist before deciding that she preferred, to paraphrase Mark Twain, the more believable realm of fiction. Her short story, "By Anonymous", was published in the Sisters in Crime anthology Last Exit to Murder. Miko lives with her rocket scientist husband Allan on Whidbay Island in Washington.  "

You can contact her at mikojohnstonauthor@gmail.com .

Rosemary Lord

Rosemary wrote her first book when she was ten-years-old--for her little brother. She also illustrated it herself. It was later rejected by Random House!
She has been writing ever since. 

The author of the Best Sellers Hollywood Then and Now and Los Angeles Then and Now, English born Rosemary Lord has lived in Hollywood for over 25 years. An actress, a former journalist (interviewing Cary Grant, James Stewart, Tony Hopkins, John Huston amongst others), and a senior publicist at Columbia Pictures, she lectures on Hollywood history.  Rosemary is currently writing the second in a series of murder mysteries set in the 1920s Jazz Age Hollywood featuring Lottie Topaz, an extra in silent movies. 

You can contact her at rosemarylord@live.com 

G. B. Pool

A former private detective and a reporter for a small weekly newspaper, G.B. Pool writes the Johnny Casino Casebook Series and the Gin Caulfield, P.I. Mysteries.  She teaches classes: "Anatomy of a Short Story", "How to Write Convincing Dialogue", and "Writing a Killer Opening Line."


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The Gin Caulfied Series

The Johnny Casino Series

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Bonnie Schroeder

Bonnie Schroeder was bitten by the writing bug in the fifth grade and never recovered. She has pursued the craft of writing in many shapes, but long-form fiction remains her first love. 

After leaving a Human Resources career at a major oil company, where her writing consisted of describing benefit plans and policies, Bonnie signed on as a volunteer with the American Red Cross and published an e-newsletter for the Glendale Chapter. This kept her writing skills sharp while she continued to pursue publication of her novels. 

Among her published short stories are "The Black Dog", "The Go-Between", "What's in a Name?", and "A Losing Game." She was also a finalist in the 2012 ABQ Writers Co-Op bosque Fiction contest for her story "Intervention". 

Mending Dreams is her first published novel, but she has more in the pipeline.



Kate Thornton

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Kate Thornton spent 22+ years in the US Army, where she was an instructor, before retiring in 2001. She is privileged to have the time now to work on her 1955 Cliff May mid-century modern house when she's not sitting in front of the Blue Screen of Death waiting for inspiration to strike. 

She has written several novels, including a 3-book mystery series, a full-length fantasy, and a couple of adventure romances, but her real interest is in short fiction. Her current writing projects are a mystery novel (working title: Give the Dog a Bone) and a new science fiction collection of eleven of the Cookie Sullivan short stories; SPACED OUT. A collection of twenty of her favorite previously-published short fiction pieces, Inhuman Condition is also available.  She is also preparing a collection of Flash Fiction, working title: FLASH DRIVE. 

Jacqueline Vick

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As the daughter of the eldest brother of thirteen siblings (most of them now married and with their own children and grandchildren), she will never run out of characters or plots. Not that anyone in her family has committed murder. That she knows of.  

She writes the Frankie Chandler, Pet Psychic, series (second installment due out the end of 2014) and has several other short stories and mystery novels out.  She's working on a mystery featuring a former exorcist who's been transferred to the job of religious instructor at an all-girl high school, which is not much of a career change. 


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