Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Catching Up with M.M. Gornell

What have I been doing since Jacqueline Vick and I last chatted? Looking back over what I would call my “accomplishments” during this last year, I’m at a loss. I can’t even comprehend a whole year has passed. Needless to say, my yardstick is what I’ve written (and promotions, too, but not so much).

In January I was working on my novel, Rhodes – The Mojave-Stone, and here in December, I’m still working on the same book! Not that there aren’t other book ideas floating around in my mind, and I have written synopsis or intro-paragraphs for several—mainly I’ve been struggling with my current WIP. Happy to say, I finally feel it’s almost there…

I can say Counsel of Ravens garnered a couple awards which I am very thankful for, and I attended Left Coast Crime in Monterrey, and the PSWA Conference in Vegas. Hard to explain how important these type of events are, along with the supportive and re-energizing writing cohorts you catch-up with at them. On the supportive cohorts front, right now thinking particularly about Writers in Residence!


  1. We love you, Madeline, and are so happy you are a part of us! You inspire us to write and you bring fun to our meetings!

  2. Madeline, Each of your novels introduce memorable characters, and the way you describe the vast, colorful, and mysterious desert locals make the scenes very visual. I am looking forward to your next "trip" down Route 66.

  3. Thanks, "cohorts." for your kind words. Making my day...!

    And reading my own words I'm thinking I better get busy!!! Also thinking I'm spending too much time petting dogs and napping (smile)


  4. Madeline, It's reassuring to know that even multi-published authors succumb to the pet-the-dog and napping syndromes. Good to know your WIP is "almost there" because it sounds fascinating and I look forward to reading it.

  5. Oh Bonnie, I know you know about the pet-the-dog thing!

  6. I'm so proud that you're part of our group. Such a great addition...And I loved listening to you speak at the Left Coast Crime in Monterey. Congrats on your awards for Counsel of Ravens: great title, too!